This course is designed for anyone who drives and owns a car. No prior knowledge of automobiles is required. This class explains the operation and maintenance of the automobile, TO SAVE YOU MONEY!
The class includes all facets of buying, owning and maintenance of your car. You will be able to do your own light maintenance work while understanding what is required to keep it safe and reliable. Class time will be split between actual classroom discussion and hands-on shop time. You will be able to work on your car in a fully equipped shop with instruction. The class is a must for the new driver.

Auto - Basic Mechanics Fall 2020

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  • Reg Deadline:Monday TBA, 2020
    Start Date:Monday TBA, 2020
    End Date:Monday TBA, 2020

    13 weeks
    Meeting Times: 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM
    400 Kensington Ave. Rm. 115
    Buffalo NY

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