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Civil Service Keyboarding Prep Course
(leads to acquisition of the typing certificate required to register for Civil Service Examination) 


If you are a current employee or intended future hire of the Buffalo Public Schools District, funding assistance may be available for course registration of the Civil Service Keyboarding Prep Class.To register, please call 716-888-7088 ext. 218

COURSE SUMMARY: Participants will complete a minimum of 12 hours of observed online typing practice sessions - at least four, online 3-hour sessions, and must obtain a minimum of 35 WPM during practice.  Once the 12 hours of observed online typing practice is completed, and the minimum of 35 WPM is achieved, the participant will be scheduled for an online typing test to showcase their achievement.  Once the minimum 35 WPM is also observed via the online typing test, the proctor will document the participant's course completion and issue a PDF digital certificate* from the Buffalo Public Schools Adult Education Division validating the achievement.  This certificate will be accepted at time of Civil Service Examination registration. 
*A hard copy certificate may also be picked up from our site, or mailed at the participant's request.

Civil Service Keyboarding Prep Online Course

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  • COURSE FORMAT: Online/Virtual via ZOOM Video Conferencing

    COURSE SCHEDULE: Call ASAP to enroll. Limited seats available - Tuesday evenings from 6:00-9:00PM 

    COURSE COST: $150.00 

    COURSE SEATS: Maximum of 20 participants per class.  Once maximum seat capacity is reached, the course will be closed, and a waitlist will be started.  Participants will be notified of their course start date. 

    COURSE REQUIREMENTS: A reliable computer, chromebook, or laptop with full keyboard*, as well as, a reliable internet service provider to allow ZOOM Video Conferencing.

    *participation on a tablet and/or smartphone device with limited keyboard is not permitted
    In addition, participant must enroll in, and attend required online sessions, as well as attain/exceed words per minute (WPM) requirement on the certification typing test to obtain certificate.

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