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The principles of plumbing will be studied through a series of job experiences. Become acquainted with the common hand tools and materials used in the trade. The student may reach a point of proficiency to enter employment in the trade. This course is designed to provide technical knowledge needed for the design, layout and installation of plumbing and piping. The instruction will include isometric piping diagrams, the sizing and selection of hot water heaters, the setup and use of the builder's level, as well as designing sewage systems for use in a small house. A short course in plumbing estimating will be given as well as a short study of the plumbing code.

Plumbing Spring 2024

SKU: 01C9211-17
  • Reg Deadline:Wednesday February 7, 2024
    Start Date:Wednesday January 24, 2024
    End Date:Wednesday May 1, 2024

    Meeting Time: 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

    New Hope Education Center - 175 Jefferson Ave. Buffalo

  • 460503

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