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This 120-hour course covers the practical and essential aspects of residential wiring and allows the student to explore electrical field. Students will participate with a "hands-on" approach and learn installation techniques, tools, electrical boxes, switches, cables and receptacles used in the construction industry today under the auspices of the National Electrical Code Standards. Introduction to Solar Panel Technology will be included in this class.

Attend an orientation session at the New Hope Education Center, 175 Jefferson Avenue, Buffalo NY 14210.

Call 888-7088 ex.111/100 for days and times. There is no fee or appointment necessary. Please bring your picture ID, New York State benefit card, benefit print out and high school diploma or equivalent. You will take a placement test and fill out an application. Your test 

scores and the results of a personal interview will determine if you are eligible for the Residential Electric program.


The cost for this program is $795.00 (Tuition assistance may be available).



​The average salary for an Electrician’s Helper is $12.00 to $15.00 an hour.




Call for enrollment requirements and application information:

(716)888-7088 ext 111/100


Class Dates:

Monday - Thursday 8:30am - Noon



New Hope Education Center

175 Jefferson Ave

Buffalo, NY 14210


Course Lenght:

120 Hours (10 weeks)


Start Date:

On-going enrollment

Call (716)888-7088 ext 111/100 for more information


- Tools, safety materials, and supplies will be provided for this course.

Students will be expected to attend class wearing proper work attire.



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